Gergely Rákász began his concert career at the age of 15 and rapidly became known as Hungary’s youngest concert organist. As concert engagements increased, Mr. Rákász added historical anectdotes which distinguished his concert style and increased his public appeal. Being commited to maintaining high standards, Mr. Rákász carefully selected and limited the number of concerts he would perform per year even as his concerts increased in their popularity.

At a concert Gergely Rákász performed in Sopron, Hungary in 1998, David DiFiore, an American organist who was in attendance, recognized Mr. Rákász’s enormous talent and potential. Subsequently, Mr. DiFiore invited Gergely Rákász to the US to further his studies. During this time, Mr. Rákász toured extensively throughout the United States to great acclaim.

Mr. Rákász’s thirst for knowledge and the desire to improve his technique caused him to seek out, meet and study with several internationally, well known professors and concert artists. During this time, Gergely Rákász also earned a Master’s degree in music and art education from Eötvös Lóránd University in Hungary in 2000.


From 1998 to 2002, Gergely Rákász edited, produced and moderated a well received weekly program entitled Intermezzo for Hungarian National Radio. The program was marketed to acquaint, capture and endear the classical music listener. However, the appeal of the program expanded well beyond that targeted group and soon the program was enjoyed by a wider audience of music lovers.


On the occasion of the 250th anniversay of Bach’s death in 2000, Gergely Rákász re-established his concert touring schedule in Hungary. By creating thematic concert programs such as ‘Mozart to Gershwin’; ‘L’Orgue Monumentale’; ‘Christmas Stories’; ‘Baroque “Light” and Romanticism “Light”, Mr. Rákász cultivated new audiences throughout his homeland.


Mr. Rákász’s concert program entitled: ‘VERDISSIMO – La Bella Italia’, has been heard by nearly 30,000 people since its premier in 2007. A Concert in Blue, Gergely Rákász’s most recent DVD and concert tour expanded his, by now, well anticipated anectdotes and historical facts to encompass visual short stories, stunning pictures and applied art expression creating a unique and spectacular multi-media experience.


In addition to concerts in cathedrals, churches and concert halls, Mr. Rákász instituted a highly successful School Program which brings his concerts, art and anecdotes into the classroom through a series of lectures which he has tailored for all levels of learning.


Gergely Rákász was invited in 2004 by the Templar Knight Order to join their order. Subsequently, they knighted him that same year in the Abbey of Tihany which was founded by Hungary’s King Andrew the 1st nearly 1000 years ago and is located at Lake Balaton in western Hungary


In 2008, Mr. Rákász’s hometown, the city of Győr, awarded him with the appointment of the city’s Cultural Ambassador, which comes with the distinction of being the highest honor an artist may receive. It is a position Mr. Rákász enthusiastically continues to serve today.


After enjoying many successful American concert tours and years of life abroad, Gergely Rákász made the decision to return to his native Hungary in 2005. In an interview with Hungarian National Television, Mr. Rákász had this to say about that decision:


                                                                ‘It is my belief that if one is fortunate enough, as I have been, to travel the world gaining valuable experiences along the way, that a love of ones country, which I possess, compells one to bring home and share by giving back as much as one can.
  Hungary has given me a rich foundation and an enormous wealth from which to draw. Breathing Hungarian air, feeling Hungarian earth beneath my feet and emersing myself in my native language is something that fuels, enriches and restores my creative energy and life.’


Today, Gergely Rákász is without question, one of Hungary’s most influential, successful, acclaimed and sought after concert artists.


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Prewiev of Mr. Rakasz's latest live concert show 'A Concert in Blue'




Red Carpet Premiere of 'A Concert in Blue' in Budapest


P r e v i o u s   C o n c e r t   S h o w s



2 0 0 8 - 0 9.  E n c o r e   c o n c e r t   s e r i e s





2 0 0 7 - 0 8.  V E R D I S S  I M O  -  L a   B e l l a   I t a l i a   c o n c e r t   s e r i e s





2 0 0 6.   L ' O r g u e   M o n u m e n t a l e   c o n c e r t   s e r i e s





2 0 0 5.   M o z a r t  &  G e r s h w i n - s c e n e r y   c o n c e r t   s e r i e s





2 0 0 3.  B a r o q u e   ' L i g h t '   c o n c e r t   s e r i e s





 2 0 0 1 - 0 2.   R o m a n t i c i s m ' L i g h t ' c o n c e r t   s e r i e s





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